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Comet Classic Tournament Information Page

Comet Classic Site (Behind Phoenix Middle School)

Information about the 2015 Comet Classic is listed below.  If you have questions about the tournament this page should aid in answering a few of them.

Game fees from 2014 Tournament:

 Division RefereeAssistant Referee
 U8    $15.00 N/A 4x10min 
 U9/10    $20.00$10.002x20
 U15/19    $35.00$25.002x30
 U23 M/W

What is expected of Tournament Officials:  All referees on the field are to wear the same color jersey with approved socks (three stripe, USSF logo, or the new USSF sock).  Everyone must have his/her current 2015 USSF patch on at all times while refereeing.  When you are not refereeing please keep the professional image and wear your jersey tucked in at all times looking as you would on the field.  If you choose to take off your jersey please make it look clear that you are not a referee at that time.  Thank you all for your cooperation on this matter!

Tournament referees should have at minimum a YELLOW and BLACK USSF referee jersey.  Next preferred colors are RED, BLUE, and GREEN.  Referees wishing to work U13-U19 divisions should have at least three jersey colors to choose from.

Tournament Rules: Tournament rules have been attached in PDF form at the bottom of this page.  Please open and review the tournament rules prior to your first games.  Updated rules and field map will be posted once received.

State Referee Game Attendance Bonus:  If you are a State Referee (Grade 6 or better) registered in 2015 and attend the Comet Classic you will receive a bonus for your attendance.  This benefit to attending the Comet Classic will earn you an extra $35 bonus for every five games officiated.  This is how it works: 5-9 games officiated= extra $35, 10-14 game officiated= extra $70...for any level!  This works out to an average $7 additional per game!

NEW IN 2015!-------->Grade 7 Referee Game Attendance Bonus:  Grade 7 Referees will receive a $30 bonus for every 5 games officiated! (same structure as State Referee Bonus)

2014 Field Map

2014 Comet Classic Field Map

Barrett Britt,
May 23, 2014, 10:50 PM